Riverbed hydrologic exchange dynamics in a large regulated river reach

Water Resources Research , 2018

This paper examines how upstream dam operations controls downstream hydrologic exchange patterns

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Recommended citation: Zhou, T., Bao, J., Huang, M., Hou, Z., Arntzen, E., Song, X., Harding, S. F., Titzler, P. S., Ren, H., Murray, C. J., Perkins, W. A., Chen, X., Stegen, J. C., Hammond, G. E., Thorne, P. D., Zachara, J. M., Titzler, S., Ren, H., Murray, C. J., . . . Zachara, J. M. (2018). Riverbed Hydrologic Exchange Dynamics in a Large Regulated River Reach. Water Resources Research, 54, 1-16.