Efficient Access and Data Management with Supercomputers

Accessing supercomputers like NERSC typically requires entering both a password and a one-time password (OTP) each time you log in or transfer data, which is annoying. Fortunately, NERSC offers a service called sshproxy, which facilitates the generation of a temporary SSH key file with a 24-hour validity. This method significantly reduces the need for frequent password entries.

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Dealing with Line Endings in Git

Recently, while managing my Jekyll blog hosted on GitHub Pages, I stumbled upon a peculiar issue. Every time I added a new blog post, the entire content would appear on the homepage instead of just the title. After some digging, I realized the problem stemmed from the way line endings were being handled. As I dove deeper, I learned how widespread this issue is for developers collaborating across different operating systems. Here’s the full story and how you can prevent similar hiccups in your projects.

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Using coupled simulation for offline runs

Sometimes I conduct offline land simulations driven by the climate output from a coupled simulation. This approach is time-efficient for some land-feature tests, especially when the feedback loops between the land and the atmosphere aren’t the primary concern. Here are the steps to accomplish this:

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Updated E3SM Workflow

I was recently requested to conduct a coupled E3SM simulation experiment. This task provids me with the opportunity to familiarize myself with the latest best-practice simulation standards. An official step-by-step guide can be found here.

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Useful Links

Want to have a one-stop page for useful datasets, links, and other resources.

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Fractions in ELM surface data

Understanding fractions in the ELM V1 (CLM 4.5) surface and land use data can be very confusing. Part of this complexity may comes from ambiguous fraction variable naming. The prefix “PCT_“—presumably short for “percentage”—might lead one to expect that these variables add up to 100. However, that is not always the case. Because some PCTs relate to land units, while others correspond to Plant Functional Types (PFTs) or Crop Functional Types (CFTs). Moreover, while some PCTs in the landuse data remain constant, others fluctuate over time. After several rounds of investigation and deliberation, I have decided to write down these observations for future reference.

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iTerm2 tips

Two tips about iTerm2

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SSH configuration

Some HPCs such as Argonne’s LCRC machines require SSH keys to get connected. It’s a convinient and safer way to connect after set it up. But it’s a little tricky if you still want to view the remote directories from software like WinSCP on Windows. Here’s a brief guide.

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Overleaf Tips

Some tips about Overleaf LaTex manuscript preparation