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Apr. 2024

Mar. 2024

Feb. 2024

  • Gave a talk about IBT and overall ICoM land-river-ocean coupling configuration to a research group in Sun Yet-Sen University.

Jan. 2024

  • Had a great follow-up discussion about our AGU posters with Dr. Zhan Tian of SUSTech.
  • Gave a talk about our IBT work (presented on AGU) on the InteRFACE permafrost hydrology meeting.

Dec. 2023

  • Met so many old and new friends in AGU23. Presented our Inter-basin water transfer work. See some photos.

Nov. 2023

  • Bryce’s E3SMv1 CONUS water budget metrics paper finally got published!

Oct. 2023

Sep. 2023

  • Benjamin’s E3SM-ADCIRC paper is published on Natural Hazards
  • First batch of IRRMIP data simulated by E3SM transferred to Yi Yao through Globus. I had to create a new account in VUB as a volunteer to link VUB HPC endponts to my Globus account.

Aug. 2023

  • Submitted an abstract to this AGU Fall meeting.

Jul. 2023

  • Happy to host Yi Yao’s PNNL visit.
  • Qi Tang’s E3SM v2 RRM paper is published on GMD

Jun. 2023

May 2023

  • Collaborate with LANL team for a BRaVE prospsal submission

Apr. 2023

  • FAIR proposal submitted

Feb. 2023

  • I’m excited to work with Ted again on developing a proposal in response to the DOE’s FAIR call.
  • Attend EBSD mini-conference in PNNL campus.
  • 9505v2 paper is published by ERL.

Jan. 2023

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