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E3SM I-cases are for ATM data model, for example, ELM + MOSART forced by climate forcing. The default climate data is Qian2006 at T62 grid. There are two ways to replace this forcing.

1. Change the paths in cime

Only one file needs to be modified in this file: /cime/src/components/data_comps/datm/cime_config/namelist_definition_datm.xml

  • Stream domain file directory the directory that contains domain file
  • Stream domain file name the domain file that associated with the forcing file
  • Stream data file directory the forcing file direcotory
2. Define a user stream file
  • Copy the datm.streams.txt.CLM... file from CaseDocs to the case directory (one level up)
  • Change the paths to the new forcing files in this file
  • Modify the file name by adding user_ header

[Reference from CESM] (http://www.cesm.ucar.edu/models/cesm1.2/data8/doc/c72.html)