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A quick guide about using E3SM diag package on Compy

1) activate environment

source /share/apps/E3SM/conda_envs/load_latest_e3sm_unified.sh

2) install PreAndPostProcessingScripts

git clone git@github.com:ACME-Climate/PreAndPostProcessingScripts.git

3) create a configuration file mysimulation.cfg. I usually only turn on [climo], [ts], and [glb], and run E3SM_diag separately in the next step.

sample file

4) run the following command will get the *_climo.nc files

python PreAndPostProcessingScripts/postprocessing_bundle/v2/post.py -c mysimulation.cfg

5) install E3SM_diag
6) create an “run_e3sm_diags.py” script and execute it
import os
from acme_diags.parameter.core_parameter import CoreParameter
from acme_diags.run import runner

param = CoreParameter()

param.reference_data_path = '/compyfs/e3sm_diags_data/obs_for_e3sm_diags/climatology/'
param.test_data_path = '/compyfs/zhou014/E3SM_simulations_AMIP/phs_wm_2.v1like.amip.ne30pg2_r05_oECv3.compy/post/atm/180x360_aave/clim/10yr/' # path to the *_climo.nc files
param.test_name = 'phs_wm_2.v1like.amip.ne30pg2_r05_oECv3.compy'
#param.seasons = ["ANN"]   #all seasons ["ANN","DJF", "MAM", "JJA", "SON"] will run,if comment out"

prefix = '/compyfs/www/zhou014/E3SM/V2/' #public portal
param.results_dir = os.path.join(prefix, param.test_name)
# Use the following if running in parallel:
param.multiprocessing = True
param.num_workers = 10

# Use below to run all core sets of diags:
runner.sets_to_run = ['lat_lon','zonal_mean_xy', 'zonal_mean_2d', 'polar', 'cosp_histogram', 'meridional_mean_2d']
# Use below to run lat_lon map only:
#runner.sets_to_run = ['lat_lon']
7) the previous step will create a bunch of files under /compyfs/www/zhou014/E3SM/V2/, which is the public portal for COMPY, it reflects an http address: https://compy-dtn.pnl.gov/zhou014/E3SM/V2/