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Hyak WIKI:


Show jobs in queues:

showq                 #show all jobs
showq -w qos=hpc      #show jobs based on group (hpc)
showq -w class=bf     #show jobs on backfill list

Managing jobs:

mjobctl -c <job_id>   #cancel a job
showbf -q hpc         #show what resources are available for a given group (hpc)
checkjob <job_id>     #check the job status

Serial job scripts: If running single thread job like VIC, it is required to use GNU parallel to bundle the job together and then submit to the node.

first create an ascii file (jobargs) containing the input arguments for the program (e.g. VIC) then in the script add

cat /path/to/jobargs | parallel -j $HYAK_SLOTS --joblog paralleljobs.log --resume /path/to/executable/program {}

to activate parallel to bundle the job based on the jobargs