Change the data model stream locations for E3SM

E3SM I-cases are for ATM data model, for example, ELM + MOSART forced by climate forcing. The default climate data is Qian2006 at T62 grid. There are two ways to replace this forcing.

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NERSC environment setup

Recently I have been working on NERSC quite a lot. One thing that bothers me was that the default environment setup of NERSC user sucks. For example, it doesn’t have color scheme for ls command, the prompt is too long when you go deep into a few sub-directories because it shows the full path.

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HPSS file extraction

HPSS (High Performance Storage System) is a mass file storage system for NERSC. Lots of data outputs of E3SM are stored in HPSS.

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ELM code modification

This post is just a reference for myself about how did I modify the E3SM 2-way coupling source code.

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Matlab color schemes

Today I saw a great blog that use GMT’s color setup file (.cpt) in Matlab

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Technical blogging on GitHub, for free

Different ways to store notes

  • Write them down on notebooks
  • Save them in word documents
  • Use online service such as Google Doc, Evernote, Onenote, etc.
  • Blog
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E3SM setups

Some tips for E3SM users about create new cases and modify the setups.

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Activate Matlab kernel in Jupyter notebook

So when you save more and more matlab plotting scripts you starat to lose track of them. You thought you have a script that can generate a plot but just can’t find it.

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Markdown examples

Now I have migrated my notebook from Wordpress to Github page. Markdown is brilliant! Here are some examples for future use.

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Git work flow E3SM

This is an instruction about how to clone the E3SM model from Github and how to create a case.