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Finally start to use python for plotting.

Plotting in notebook

ipython notebook is good and plots can be lined up with scripts. But if I need to run the same script on cluster without Xming, it will crash. Simple way is to add

import matplotlib as mpl

when importing libraries.


Seaborn is a great package for color scheme picking. Color schemes are called “palettes” in seaborn. There are many pre-set palettes for you to choose. If you want to use “colorblind”, just simply add

import seaborn as sns
with sns.color_palette("colorblind"):

before the plotting script.

Customizing the palette is easy too:

colors = ["windows blue", "amber", "greyish", "faded green", "dusty purple"]
with sns.xkcd_palette(colors):


flatui = ["#9b59b6", "#3498db", "#95a5a6", "#e74c3c", "#34495e", "#2ecc71"]
with sns.color_palette():