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Tian Zhou


What is Marp

Marp (Markdown Presentation) Ecosystem is a tool to make slides with markdown

I added some inline css to make the slides following PNNL's template. Maybe not the best way to do it but it works. So this slidedeck will serve as my Marp template and I will try to use this to create most of my slides in the future.

How to write slides

Split pages by horizontal ruler (---). It's very simple! 😆

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How to add an image to a slide

Paper about MOSART-ADCIRC coupling

This paper present a novel one-way coupling of MOSART with the ADvanced CIRCulation model (ADCIRC). The coupled model is validated against NOAA tidal gauge observations for Hurricane Harvey (2017) in Gulf of Mexico region.

Link to the paper

(note that html option is enabled)


Gauge loactions for the boundary conditions used in the models

Some useful resources

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